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4 Words or Less?

Best Advice

From time to time I receive these kinds of inquiries on LinkedIn and choose not to comment, but this one merited a response:

Hand Drawn Text Scanned in Adobe Shape CC and Edited in Illustrator



A well-reasoned, sincere, and articulate mission statement is personal branding at its best. Four active words can serve as a motto to quickly define your being, a mantra to motivate you through self doubt, and an ethical center to guide your actions:

  • PRAY—make time for learning, meditation, and reflection,
  • WORK—nothing meaningful is accomplished without genuine physical and mental effort
  • PLAY—constructive recreational activity and relaxation strengthens and rejuvenates the body and mind
  • GIVE—contribute your time, knowledge, and experience to benefit yourself and others

P.S: It may be impossible to truly achieve a perfect work-life balance, but having a core set of principles and practices can provide an important framework for addressing future challenges.