Adobe Mobile Apps Part 2: Adobe Shape CC

Once upon a time (not so long ago), I laboriously scanned my hand drawn sketches into as a useable file format and meticulously traced as vector art. Now thanks Adobe Shape CC it is possible to transform sketches into vector art from your phone or tablet in a matter of seconds and export into Adobe Illustrator for editing.

Check out the video to witness this miraculous process:

Powerful Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Apps Enable Design Anywhere

As an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber I have recently added a suite of their mobile applications to my iPad to test their functionality and possibly integrate into my workflow and I have been impressed by these powerful, yet easy to use tools.

Create layouts, illustrations, edit photos and video, export them to Adobe CC applications.


Caroline Blanchet's Adobe Ideas - Illustrations series, Vol. 3
Caroline Blanchet’s Adobe Ideas – Illustrations series, Vol. 3

Share completed and work-in-progress projects via the Community Drawings portal, powered by Behance.

Shared work via the Behance Network
Shared work on the Community Drawings portal




Fantastic Design from Criterion

Being both a design and film enthusiast, the book Criterion Designs
is a 10″ x 13″, 306-page collection of cinema history as well as a fascinating insight into the creative process of some of the finest commercial artists and illustrators working today.

This is inspiring and challenging work that will enhance any studio, office, or coffee table. Check out the book teaser below:





DC’s 1432r Label Explores “Ethiopian Electronic”

Unique? Check. Ethereal and Hypnotic? Check. Future leaning and Classically grounded? Double Check!  Washington DC’s 1432r label has released some impressive electronic imprints of late.  Ethiopian Electronic music producer & performer Mikael Seifu’s Yarada Lij EP is an intoxicating fusion of “Ethiopian folk, UK garage & his own dream brew, which he calls ‘Ethiopian electronic.'”

Pick up the EP at 


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